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Many of the documents and information that was used in this study was undocumented at the time of the study and permission was kindly given by the Mortlock Collection of the State Library of South Australia and by the executors of the Ostoja-Kotkowski estate, for its inclusion.

PRG 919: Ostoja-Kotkowski, Josef Stanislaus, 1922-1994 Date/s Summary The group consists of files relating to J.S. Ostoja-Kotkowski's life and art; papers, programs, pamphlets, photographs, slides, negatives relating to his theatre designs, sculptures, murals, BP star, art, film, laser shows, computer graphics, stained glass and photography; computer disks; original art works; a theatre set model; models of sculptures; papers relating to his immigration and his relationship to his Polish family and the Polish community; films, videos and audio tapes.
Title: Josef Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski :
Original artwork (oil painting); artwork (pencil sketch); artwork (portrait); mixed artwork; photoprint; negative (acetate); slide (acetate); cinefilm; videotape; book; brochure; card (etc); catalogue (exhibition); leaflet; newspaper cutting; poster; banner; handwritten; typescript; photocopy; mixed realia; sound tape (reel); disk (5 1/4").

PRG 919/1 J.S. Ostoja-Kotkowski. Typescript; handwritten; photoprint; newspaper cutting

PRG 919/3/17.Barry Stern exhibition Sydney [sound recording]

PRG 919/2. Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-Kotkowski. Films made by J.S. Ostoja-Kotkowski

PRG 919/2/1 Painting 1950-1955 South Australia [motion picture]

PRG 919/2/2Francis Roy Thompson [motion picture]

PRG 919/2/3,Architectural exhibition [motion picture] 1956

PRG 919/2/4.Deserted landscape [motion picture] 1956

PRG 919/2/5 Quest of time [motion picture] 1960

PRG 919/2/6 Hans Heysen I `The Cedars' [motion picture] 1960

PRG 919/2/7 Hans Heysen II Hahndorf [motion picture] 1960

PRG 919/2/9 Translucencies [motion picture] 1956

PRG 919/2/10 Transfiguration [motion picture]

PRG 919/3/1. Electronic Music Seminar, Melbourne, 1971, Part I [sound recording]1971

PRG 919/3/2. Electronic Music Seminar, Melbourne, 1971, Part II [sound recording] 1971

PRG 919/3/4 Synchronos '72. `Spotlight' item of an interview with Don Banks and JS Ostoja-Kotkowski [sound recording] 1972

PRG 919/3/5 Sound and Image 1968 [sound recording] 1968Sound and Image Performance copy of sound and text. Performed at the Adelaide Festival of Arts and included the Ray Bradbury science fiction play `The Veldt'. It was the first time a laser beam was used in a performance.

PRG 919/3/7 Kinetic and electronic art [sound recording] Lecture given by JS Osotja-Kotkowski at the Power Institute University of Sydney on kinetic and electronic art. 1968

PRG 919/3/15 Poland's arts and folklore. Union Hall University of Adelaide. 1000 years of Christian Poland II [sound recording]

PRG 919/3/20 Sound and image. The Oldest Continent [sound recording] Narrated by Les Dayman, Valda Ferris, Daphne Gray, Jack Hume, and Ray Wheeler.1970

PRG 919/3/23 The Veldt, Sound and Image [sound recording]1968

PRG 919/3/25 Orpheus I [sound recording]1960

PRG 919/3/28 The Mire, Sound and Image 1966 [sound recording] Alexander Hay1966

PRG 919/3/37 The excursions of Mr Broucek by Leos Janacek [sound recording] 1974

PRG 919/3/44 Sound samples. Studio of electronic music Utrecht Holland 26 May 1967 [sound recording] 1967

PRG 919/3/45 Henk Badings recording of a rehearsal [sound recording] 1967

PRG 919/3/55 Interview with JS Ostoja-Kotkowski by the ABC in Perth [sound recording] 1970

PRG 919/3/56 Interview with JS Ostoja-Kotkowski by Ann Dunn [sound recording] 1966

PRG 919/3/57 Interview with JS Ostoja-Kotkowski by N Ferris [sound recording]

PRG 919/3/58 Interview with JS Ostoja-Kotkowski Radio Australia ABC [sound recording]